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Visiting Apex, realizing more about Whistler



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Apex turned out to be a great little mountain despite the lack of fresh snow. It had steep challenging tree runs and fast groomers with some wicked rollers. More importantly the longest we had to wait to get on either chairlift (that’s right there were two chairlifts) was less than five minutes.

The general consensus in the group was that Apex would be a great place to be on a powder day, just like any mountain is a great place to be on a powder day, I suppose.

The thing is, you can’t help but compare any other resort to Whistler.

Sometimes, it’s not exactly fair to make that comparison. Whistler blows this small mountain out of the water with the number of lifts, runs, terrain. There is no comparison. And I don’t think Apex is even trying to compete.

And yet, the lift tickets were $45 for the day.

I have to say, and part of me is absolutely loath to say this, that day tickets at Apex makes Whistler’s $71 in comparison a practical bargain.

I never, ever in a million years thought I would think something like that, much less write it down in the paper.

But it’s true.

For an extra $36 you get two mountains, 33 lifts, over 200 runs, one of the best terrain parks in North America. The list goes on and I’m starting to sound like a press release.

OK, $71 is still astronomical for a day’s skiing but when you think about what you’re getting for your money, it actually doesn’t seem that bad.

How could Whistler charge anything less than $71 when little mountains like Apex are charging more than half of the Whistler ticket?

We stopped at the resort in Manning Park on the way home to check out that mountain and the lift tickets there were $35 for a day’s skiing. That’s half the price of a Whistler ticket BUT you could practically see the top of the mountain from the parking lot.

Visiting Apex gave me a new perspective on the price of skiing on the whole. How can the average family possibly afford to do this?

If the B.C. ski industry is concerned about declining numbers, they need look no further than the price of a lift ticket at the ski resorts.

That being said, though the ski hill wasn’t particularly great value for money, other things in Apex were far cheaper than in Whistler.