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Last week I took the first step towards what will likely be another operation, going to Vancouver for a CT scan of my face. I have to make a follow-up appointment in the next month, and after that I could be added to the surgery list.

It could take six months to a year after that before anything happens, depending on the results of the scan, but I’m actually looking forward to getting surgery at this point.

Right now, I’m effectively disabled, with only four out of five working senses. I have almost no sense of smell most of the time, and the things I do smell tend to stick with me for days and days, slowly driving me insane. Last week the pervasive smells I couldn’t get rid of were peanut butter, bleach, and, for some reason, urinal puck.

I’m looking forward to smelling and speaking normally again. I’m also looking forward to hearing properly – when the ol’ sinuses are acting up, I also tend to go a little deaf, and then talk way too loudly to compensate.

My co-workers, friends and family will also be happy. When I explained to a co-worker that it could take a while for surgery because my condition wasn’t life threatening, he disagreed – if I kept snuffling and clearing my throat, he was going to kill me. "Put you out of your misery," were his exact words.