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Food frustrations



I never thought I would say this but... food is stressing me out.

The simple act of eating has turned into an exercise of studying labels for sodium, sugar, calories, carbs, and aspartame, among many other things.

I’m so confused about how much of this I should eat and how little of that I should eat that reading the labels in the supermarket is merely for show.

When did eating the right foods become so complicated?

Take low fat yogurt as an example.

I thought I was doing the best think limiting my fat and eating low fat yogurt but as it turns out, the yogurt I was buying was full of aspartame, or artificial sweetener, which is not good for you.

Then there was the veggie burgers I was eating. Again, I thought I was doing the right thing by cutting down on my red meat but as it turns out, I was buying veggie burgers that were full of salt, which again, is not the best thing for you.

How can you possibly win?

There are the foods that make your cholesterol go off the charts and the foods that make the so-called good cholesterol. Until recently I didn’t know there were two kinds of cholesterol, I just thought I wasn’t supposed to eat a lot of eggs.

There are the foods high in saturated fat to stay well away from and then the foods with the good fat, which the body needs.

There are the fruits and veggies that are good for you and there are the fruits and veggies that are really good for you.

Then there’s caffeine that used to be bad and now researchers say it’s good in the fight against cancer.

There are high protein pundits and complex carb gurus.

There are heart-smart choices, low fat options, and energy boosting supplements.

The list of herbal supplements to boost and enhance your diet is too long and too complex to even begin to enumerate.

How can anyone be expected to keep up?

If you’re anything like my mum, you jump on every new study currently in vogue.

The family has currently been instructed to eat six to seven almonds every day.

She doles them out, like some throwback to a wartime rationing matron, each time expounding on the virtues of the simple almond nut, which has been proven to lower cholesterol. Didn’t you know?

I give the nuts two weeks.

Before almonds we were ordered to sprinkle flaxseed oil on every salad.

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