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The World Cup runneth over



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And for what? Ninety excruciating minutes of soccer that probably ended with a 1-0 score?

While it's important to be proud of your heritage, the nationalism displayed during World Cup season seems very out of place. The fact is, people are cheering for the countries they left for one reason or another, and many of the young people who make the most trouble - Canadians of British, Irish, Italian, Greek, Portugese, Turkish, Middle Eastern or African descent - have probably never even been there. If Canada did qualify, I wonder who they would cheer for then?

Getting back to the game, two players, from Ireland and Slovenia, have already been sent home because they were fighting with their coaches. Brazilian star Rivaldo - I think he only uses one name, like Madonna or Fabio - was fined around $11,000 for faking an injury that got a Turkish player expelled from the game. It seems more action happens off the field than on it.

The comparison to hockey is inevitable, and based on a lifetime of experience there's no question that a bad hockey game is still better than the best soccer.

Three billion people are wrong.