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Quiet dignity or Quiet Riot?


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"Before the tragedy of September 11th the only thing scary about Anthrax was our bad hair in the ’80s and the ‘Fistful Of Metal’ album cover. Most people associated the name Anthrax with the band, not the germ. Now in the wake of those events, our name symbolizes fear, paranoia and death. Suddenly our name is not so cool. To be associated with these things we are against is a strange and stressful situation. To us, and to millions of people, it is just a name. We don't want to change the name of the band, not because it would be a pain in the ass, but because we hope that no further negative events will happen and it won't be necessary. We hope and pray that this problem goes away quietly and we all grow old and fat together.

Be safe,

Scott, Charlie, Frank and John

Aka Anthrax"

One of their most popular songs was a collaboration with rap group Public Enemy titled Bring The Noise, the live version of which ended with a call for people everywhere to "don’t believe the hype."

In times like these, however, it’s all about the hype. And people are scared.

Folks who don’t live anywhere near the places that the anthrax disease has turned up are stockpiling antibiotics to combat the disease, afraid that quantities will run out in the event of an epidemic – so much for women and children first! Of course, if it turns out to be a non-event, they can always store the pills in the bomb shelter they built during the cold war, beside the generator and MRE rations they bought during the Y2K scare.

You can’t blame people for freaking out – it’s not an easy thing to live in fear of the unknown, but we’re hardly the first people being asked to keep it together – my grandmother kept a gas mask handy during World War II in case any of the Nazi bombs obliterating her neighbourhood contained lethal gas.

But you can plea for some form of sanity.

I can’t watch a hockey game now without hearing three anthems – Oh Canada, the Stars and Stripes, and now God Bless America for some reason. CNN is actually advertising the sale of car-mountable American flags – and if you order now, you’ll receive a special "God Bless America" flag at no extra charge; all proceeds go to capitalism.