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Pink Taco Party lets in the boys

The annual ladies bash at the GLC will allow both genders in for the first time on April 4



Men of Whistler: the ban is over.

You're now formally invited to the Pink Taco Party for the first time in the event's 10-year history.

"This year we're going to mix it up a little bit," says Sharai Rewels, organizer of the event. "We're going to let the boys in now. This is the first year we're doing a taco party co-ed edition."

Looking for an excuse to get dressed up in Whistler — a fairly rare event — Rewels first started throwing the all-women parties 12 years ago (with a break for two years). The idea was everyone would don pink, eat tacos and dance the night away with their friends. "I started it because I wanted a party where I could wear my high heels in Whistler. People can party in their ski boots in Whistler, it's totally fine, but I wanted a party were I could really glam up and have a girl's night out," she says.

Over the years, men were allowed in the party at midnight, but after a decade of that rule, Rewels decided to change things up. "We're making more space in the party," she says. "There will be less emphasis on the vendors — they'll still be there and the photo booth will still be there, but now girls can bring a date or go there to meet a date... We'd like to be including all genders and sexual preferences. Everyone is welcome."

A few things will remain the same, though. For one, you must wear a pink item in order to enter or risk being turned away. "This is still an opportunity to dress up and enjoy a night on the town," Rewels adds. "Our aim is to go above and beyond the normal party. There's so much going on in Whistler, but this is one not to miss."

There will also still be a taco feast "while supplies last," she says. On top of that, organizers will crown a taco king and queen for best dressed.

That will play into the event's prom theme this year. "Now that we have the prom theme, it's more about celebrating love. It's the pink taco matchmaker edition," Rewels says, with a laugh. "We're going to have corsages for the first 100 guys to give to their woman — or man — of choice."

Three female DJs will also be performing throughout the night, including Foxy Moron, Whitness and KitKat. "It'll be really fun, bouncy electro-dance music," Rewels says.

But in keeping with the idea of prom "there might be some cheesy slow dances in there."

The Pink Taco Party is set to take place on Wednesday, April 4, starting at 8:30 p.m. at The GLC. Tickets are $25 at myshowpass.com/pinktaco.