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Phelps, Harrington take Soo Valley Rumble

59 riders brave rain for inaugural north trail epic



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Grant Lamont, no stranger to long, technical rides, found it every bit as challenging as the organizers promised.

“It was a hard course. Anything that starts with a long, nasty climb like that is an acquired taste, I’d like to call it, but it was good for all of us that like long, tough rides,” he said. “The first half was crazy. You started off getting worked up on the climb, and then we had the long descent. I pedaled all the way down just to keep my muscles loose and stop them from seizing up. The last part, coming through all that technical stuff, was fabulous — it was a great way to finish the race. It was something fresh, using trails we never really race on unless it’s a Samurai (of Singletrack).”

Some of the most hardcore also did the Terry Fox Run that morning. Duncan Munro did the full 10K run course in his firefighter gear, complete with an oxygen tank. Mel Day and Sarah O’Byrne also ran and rode, while Mayor Ken Melamed rode the Terry Fox course and Soo Valley Rumble.

So far only Munro, Day and O’Bryrne have taken part in all Month of Pain events — West Side Wheel Up, Loop the Lakes, Terry Fox Run and Soo Valley Rumble — and are planning to do both the 71 km Cheakamus Challenge mountain bike race and 26 km Rubble Creek Classic trail run.