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PhaSt Wednesday riders get technical

Chris Kovarik, Claire Buchar top last experts-only downhill race of the season



The third and final Kokanee PhaSt Wednesday downhill series race of the season took place on Aug. 24, with a small turnout - probably due to the very technical nature of the course selection. The PhaSt Wednesday races, as opposed to "Phat" Wednesdays, are geared to expert rider only.

Some 60 riders still turned out to take on Joyride, Detroit Rock City and more Joyride.

Chris Kovarik was the top male in the race, completing the course in 2:25.66, followed by Tyler Allison in 2:31.62 and Sam Perry in 2:33.05. Also in the top 10 were Paul Stevens (2:34.06), Evan Winton (2:35.53), Robin Potvin (2:35.78), Bryce Stirling (2:36.37), Ed Thomsett (2:39.26), Simon Buzacott (2:39.48) and Lewis Winton (2:41.79).

In Master Male it was Ryan Newton up front in 2:41.30, followed by Mathieu Hebert in 2:43.39 and Dave Harder in 2:51.97. Todd Hellinga was fourth (2:51.97), followed by Corrie Mullin (3:08.30), Jeff Silas (3:12.13), Len Hornidge (3:22.43), Jerome David (3:28.34), Nairn Young (3:34.89) and Brett Gossman (3:35.51).

There were two female riders in the running. Claire Buchar, getting ready for the UCI World Championships, was first in 2:48.01, followed by Katrina Strand in 3:46.01.

Xander Geddes was the top Junior Male in 2:40.70, followed by Will Biname in 2:56.39 and Addison MacDonald in 2:58.43.

In the overall standings, the top female was Katrina Strand with 200 points in three races. Claire Buchar also finished with 200 points, but only competed in two events.

Zander Geddes was the top junior, winning all three races and earning 300 points.

Chris Dewer was tops in Master Male with 200 points, winning the first two events and then missing the third. Mathieu Hebert was second by just four points.

Chris Kovarik won the men's standings with 200 points, winning the last two events of the season.