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Petro-Canada renovating station


The Petro-Canada gas station is undergoing major renovations starting Oct.21.

The underground tanks are being replaced. In the meantime Petro-Canada will bring in an above ground tank to service customers.

Dale Eaid, advertising and promotions coordinator for Petro-Canada, said the company is very aware of the difficulty this may cause since the Husky gas station is currently being re-built.

"Let me put this I perspective it is far easier for us to close the site completely and get the renovations done and re-open than go this enviro-tank route," said Eaid.

"We really don’t make a lot of money because we slow down our capacity, and we upset people. We are really doing it for the people of Whistler to make sure we maintain a presence throughout."

There is a small window of opportunity for Petro-Canada to get the work done. It is either do it now or wait until spring.

The Creekside site will only offer regular gas. Vehicles needing supreme will have to drive to Pemberton or Squamish.

Meanwhile the construction of the new Husky is ongoing and is expected to wrap up in mid-November, before the ski season opens.

Petro-Canada in Pemberton will also be undergoing some renovations but will remain open during construction from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.