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Periwinkles save Earth (Day)


Earth Day wasn’t formally celebrated in Whistler this year, although the WAVE bus service was free on April 22.

But the children in the Periwinkles day care program, ages 3 and 4, marked Earth Day in their own way on Monday, April 23.

After talking with their teacher about Earth Day the Periwinkles children set out to collect garbage in the Whistler Children’s Centre neighbourhood on Nesters Road. In 15 minutes they filled a large garbage bag with glass, straws, cigarette butts, empty cigarette packages, drink containers, paper, plastic spoons, tissues, Styrofoam, empty cartons, lighters and personal items.

"We felt sad and mad when we saw all the garbage on the ground," the media-savvy Periwinkles stated in press release. "Put your empty cups in the garbage. Pick up what you drop. Children, don't pick up glass by yourself, tell a grown up.

"Please take care of our planet and our neighbourhood."