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Perfect Combination living the dream



Whistler has a special place in Junglist’s heart

Who: Perfect Combination

What: Jungle ’n’ Breaks Night

Where: Garfinkel’s

When: Tuesday, Nov. 11

Tickets : $10 at the door

"The perfect combination," explains the U.K.-based jungle ’n’ breaks master DJ of the same name, "is me and my music."

Jimbo, as he’s known when he’s not behind the tables (it’s James Allsop to Mum and Dad Allsop and Mum and Dad Allsop only) has felt this way for quite some time. The Manchester native discovered the Perfect Combination way back in his early teens and remarkably, the name and the concept it stands for, have stuck. While most of us cringe when we remember what we came up with in our teens, Jimbo holds fast. He believed in a life dedicated to the music he loved back then and he still believes in it now. It’s even more significant since with his 32 nd birthday just a month away and his official start as a turntablist at 16, DJing now marks half his natural life.

He’s floored when this is pointed out. Despite the fact that he’s built up a profile that allows him to tour the world playing both intimate club venues and massive stadium festivals. Despite the fact that he stands among those at the forefront of the Jungle ’n’ Breaks sound through his Freeform record label. And despite the fact that he regularly plays to a world audience through his DJ residency at the Groovetech online music source, he claims he doesn’t feel like a jungle titan. His enthusiasm and wide-eyed excitement still match the enthusiasm and wide-eyed excitement of the teenaged Perfect Combination. Like all the best innovators, he’s a mentor that thinks like a protégé.

"I’m still into the idolizing process," he exclaims in hyper-animated Britspeak. "I’m always and forever learning. Purely and simply, I’m still one of those young kids trying to get there."

There are other combinations in the life of Perfect Combination. He maintains a balance between touring and his time at home with his family and studio. While on tour he combines small venue dates, such as his appearance this Tuesday at Garfinkel’s for the official launch of the weekly Jungle ’n’ Breaks night, with large-scale bookings playing for audiences numbering in the tens of thousands.

His tours are limited to three weeks now, he says, on account that any longer than that is too much time away from his daughter, who turns two in January.