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Time limit imposed on B&B, pension zoning Revisions to zoning guidelines for bed and breakfasts and pensions include a covenant on title which will return the property to its original zoning if the accommodation use is not activated within six months. Council adopted the revisions Monday after expressing concern that some home owners have applied to rezone their houses to bed and breakfasts or pensions for the sole purpose of increasing their property value. There are currently 14 legally zoned bed and breakfast operations and 10 legally zoned pensions in Whistler. One bed and breakfast is not operating and two pensions are not operating, although one has yet to be developed. In discussing the revisions the point was raised that neighbours frequently oppose bed and breakfasts or pensions in their neighbourhoods. Councillor Hugh O’Reilly noted that Whistler is a resort as well as a community and the municipality therefore has some obligations to allow bed and breakfasts and pensions, providing they comply with guidelines. O’Reilly also pointed out that the municipality has more controls over pensions and bed and breakfasts than over houses used as club cabins or as staff accommodation.