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Penning in two Kid Kenobi shows

Australia’s top DJ and MC Shureshock book two electro, breaks shows at Tommy’s



By Nicole Fitzgerald

Who: Kid Kenobi & MC Shureshock

When: Thursday, March 22 & 29

Where: Tommy Africa’s

Tickets: $18/$17

Future aspirations for Australia’s DJ Kid Kenobi could include blog maniac.

The Ministry of Sound artist originally slated his talents for music journalism in 1999. The writing graduate soon found he didn’t want to just interview music greats, but instead become one himself.

Regardless of what editors demanded, then writing student Jesse Desenberg utilized his interviews to the utmost advantage, pulling gems of wisdom on the industry from the likes of DJ Shadow and Jazzanova, personal heroes for the dance music fan.

Eight years later, Desenberg proved himself a better music artist than a writing talent, but the passionate scribbler is still finding ways to utilize his letter punching, integrating it with his current passion.

“Only by accident, I started doing some writing again,” he said from his home in Australia, packing his suitcase for his upcoming shows in North America. “I was using blogs to write a weekly column to talk about whatever. I really enjoyed doing that. I did a blog of a gig I did a couple of weeks ago. The gig was really different from what I normally play — not straight club music. There was a mix of styles, more chilled out. I wanted to make people aware of why I was doing it.”

Sometimes experiencing that “why” live in person speaks volumes more than any sentence could articulate. Read between the lines of the breaks/electro legend who partners with MC Shureshock for not one, but two shows in Whistler on Thursdays, March 22 and March 29 at Tommy Africa’s.

“The first show will be more electro oriented, the second more breaks,” he said.

Travel magazine writing might be another career with the jetsetter covering the globe with his music. His tour itinerary reads like a Lonely Planet guidebook, with stops everywhere from Canada and Brazil to London and Cologne to Shanghai and Paris.

No stranger to the pages of Rolling Stone, FHM, Ralph and Urb , Desenberg’s booming breaks are legendary around the globe.

But for the DJ, who was voted number one by Technics InTheMix Top 50 for a colossal three years in a row, that doesn’t mean the producing talent isn’t putting in his recording time at the studio as well.

He combined forces with Hook n Sling for his most recent release, The Bump on Hussle and Cr2, which was met with rave reviews from the U.K. He also produced a Who Made Who remix, Tell Me How You Feel, with Rogue Element of Krafty Kuts fame.

New originals are in the works including projects with Metric, Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes, and Hook n Sling.

Desenberg always keeps talented company, including the likes of the Freestylers, the Plump DJs, Krafty Kuts, Fat Boy Slim and Danny Macmillan, who are listed as a few of his notable fans.

The secret to his success? His ability to mix club classics with lesser-known treasures — something that has stuck with him from his record buying beginnings.

“I’d always buy three tracks for my own time and three that would be good for a dance floor,” he said. “It’s something I’ve always done. You get so busy doing tours and main room gigs, sometimes you forget to make time for other gigs (that play music outside of club music). It’s about finding the right time and space for it, so audiences really get it.”

With a career like Desenberg’s, dancers are willing to put their faith into anything the Kid spins out, so much so, that for the first time, Whistler is hosting two shows.

“I am really looking forward to getting over there,” he said. “Whistler always has lots of Aussies and people there always have a lot of fun. I am really excited about coming back.”

Tickets for the Electro Dirt show are $18 and Tickets for Chunky Breaks are $17. Advance tickets are available at the Hub Creekside, The Mix Lounge and Tommy’s.