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Pemby course basks in early opening

Golf course enjoying benefits from March start



The three golf courses in Whistler are all open, but the Sea to Sky corridor has already had the opportunity to hit the links for a month.

The Meadows at Pemberton opened on March 27 for its earliest start in a decade and general manager Kevin McLeod was happy to let golfers tee off in advance of the other options.

"It helps our sales," he said. "The big advantage this year is we got more with our spring passes, as they'll be golfing until the end of May."

McLeod explained The Meadows benefitted from the "lack of winter" in the area and pounced on the chance to fill a recreational void in the corridor.

"The golf courses weren't open, but the skiing wasn't great," he said. "(There are) a lot of new faces out here checking out the course for the first time, or the first time in a long time.

"We came through the winter remarkably well... The contributing factor in that was doing a really good job in the fall of prepping for the winter."

McLeod added even with the Whistler courses opening, he said he feels those checking out the Pemberton offerings will be back again soon.

"Everyone seems really happy," McLeod said. "It's been busy and there's been a lot of new faces because all the other courses have been closed. I'm hearing good things from everyone who's coming off the course."

For those who have golfed the 18 holes before, there haven't been any major changes, though McLeod explained management is regularly making tweaks to improve the product.

"We've continued the clearing of bushes on the course," he said. "(We want to) make it aesthetically more pleasing."