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Pemberton’s mayoral candidates


Name: Jordan Sturdy

Age: not disclosed


Occupation: Farmer

Last book read: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

What music are you listening to these days? Thea practicing her clarinet

Favourite recreational pursuit: the new community centre gym


1) Why are you running for mayor?

Because Pemberton has a great future and I want to be part of it.


2) What is your vision for Pemberton?

One Pemberton. One community. A place that we can all live, work and play.


3) What are the biggest issues facing Pemberton?

Managing growth for community benefit, redefining boundaries and governance, and creating a cohesive vision of a common future.


4) How can the Pemberton Festival benefit the village?

It already has by instilling a “can do” attitude and a demonstrable pride in Pemberton.


5) Name three things you expect to accomplish during council's term:

Boundary extension; governance restructure; and a common vision.


6) How is the world economic slowdown likely to impact Pemberton?

It will most likely have a negative impact on tourism and it will create a challenge to financing construction projects as well as limiting the availability of investment capital.


7) What kind of role should Pemberton play in the 2010 Olympics?

Further increase our international profile and host a Winterfest for the world.


Name: David MacKenzie

Age: 42