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Pemberton's Bachelorette shares the love

Jasmine Lorimer says experience like condensing five years of dating at once



Jasmine Lorimer says being at the epicentre of Bachelorette Canada is like going through five years' worth of dating at once — with 20 men all vying for her attention.

"I learned that at times I can be wrong about the type of person, personality wise, that I thought I'd be most attracted to. I was forced to open my heart and mind to different types of people," she says.

The Canadian version on the long-running U.S. show premiered on the W Network on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 9 p.m. If you missed the first episode, it can be seen online at wnetwork.com.

Lorimer, a hairstylist from Pemberton, says the experience of meeting, romancing and breaking up with her dates was an emotional rollercoaster.

"If you've ever watched earlier shows and wonder if the emotions are real, I'm here to tell you they most certainly are," she says.

"You're put in this situation where you're in a bubble. It's a love bubble and positive for the most part, but it's very trying on you. You have to constantly analyze yourself and you're figuring out what you want. The guys, too.

"Every person involved goes on their own little journey and there is something positive to be said for that."

That is a mature take, I observe. People sometimes expect trivial outcomes when it comes to reality TV programs like this.

"I really learned a lot about myself," Lorimer says. "I felt like I didn't really know, until going on this, what I actually needed from a relationship. Apart from what my dealbreakers were and what I wanted generally in a person — goodhearted, kind and loyal — I figured out I needed someone a little more grounded than me, because I can be scatterbrained and free spirited. I figured out what I needed for a strong, sustainable relationship."

Media interviews across the country have also been interesting.

"It has been pretty surreal," Lorimer laughs. "My first media day was in Toronto — my first time on live television. It's scary but exciting, and makes me realize how many people are going to be watching my most intimate moments."

Apart from maybe finding her life partner (she could not say how the search went — we have to tune in to find out), Lorimer says the most important experience from Bachelorette Canada has been getting to know herself better.

"I met these incredible guys and I'm so glad I did it," she says.

Lorimer moved to Pemberton from Ontario last winter. When her involvement in the show was announced in June, there was unsurprisingly a lot of interest, though she didn't yet know many people — before she agreed to be in Bachelorette Canada she worked at Elevation Hair Studio in Whistler.

"I probably heard from every single person I've ever known in my entire life," she says.

"It has been so great to have this support."