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Pemberton trail day a success

Icebreaker race this Sunday


The annual Pemberton trail maintenance day was a huge success this year with more than 40 volunteers turning out to load up on pancakes and put some hard work into the local trail system.

This year the volunteers spread out across the valley, doing some much-needed maintenance on Lumpy’s Epic, Indy 500, Mackenzie Cruise, Lower Grumpy Grouse, Strawberry Fields, Happy Trail, Bob Gnarly, Riverside Trail and the Pemberton Valley Trails Association’s new project at Mosquito Lake.

With the trails ready to ride, the PVTA is hosting the first unofficial Loonie Race of the season in conjunction with WORCA this Sunday, April 25. Meet at the gravel pit at 11:30 a.m. for sign-on. The race starts at noon.

The course is still a secret, and will include one of Pemberton’s best new trails.

The cost is $10 to enter, with all proceeds going to the PVTA’s trail projects. WORCA sign-up sheets will be available on site.

For more information contact the Bike Co. at 604-894-6625.