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Pemberton seeks developer dollars for amenities

Wish list of community recreation facilities tops $14 million



By Cindy Filipenko

The Village of Pemberton new Community Amenity Policy is being readied for discussion at the community level. According to a brief prepared by VOP staff, the policy has been developed “to address the burden that residential development imposes on the demand for public facilities, service and amenities.”

“What this policy looks to do is to get some up front monies,” said David Allen, director of Development Services for the VOP.

In an effort to offset the tax burden, the policy suggests that residential projects with three or more units be charged $8,060 at the time of rezoning or subdivision.

According to Allen, the figure was based on projected growth over the next 20 years. According to development already on the table, Pemberton can expect an additional 840 housing units to be built, a figure exclusive of any potential boundary expansion. Considered a “voluntary contribution” the monies would be collected and deposited into a Community Amenity Contribution Reserve Fund to be used to finance recreation. Effectively new development would be responsible for 47 per cent of the cost of all new recreation amenities.

Development excluded from the policy includes mixed-use commercial/residential projects within the existing C-1 and C-3 zones and Phase2 of the 54-lot Benchlands subdivision. However, all subsequent units in the Benchlands development will be subject to the charges.

The cost of the new community centre, budgeted at $6.7 million, has been covered by a combination of grants and taxes shared by the VOP and the Electoral Area C. The Community Amenity Policy would be seeking to collect funds for the completion of amenities on land adjacent to the community centre that are planned to include a skateboard and bike park, water park, youth centre. To complete the amenities already part of the Master Plan for properties on either side of Cottonwood Street will cost an estimated $1.62 million. The projected future addition of a pool and ice rink could see that figure rise to $14.41 million.

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