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Pemberton rockslide closes road

Nobody hurt and no property damage from Eagle Ridge Drive incident



The earth moved for some Pemberton residents after a rockslide brought rocks down onto Eagle Ridge Drive. The stability of the area isn’t known so the road is closed until further notice while a geo-technical assessment is made.

Pemberton’s Chief Administrative Officer, Daniel Sailland, said the slide happened part way up the hill at about 8:15 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 11.

“A pedestrian came down at about eight o’clock and our snowplow came down at about five after eight,” said Sailland. “When the pedestrian was coming back up at 20 after eight it was somewhere in that time that it occurred.”

The road is completely closed to vehicles and pedestrians. Sailland said the road will open when a geo-technical expert declares the area safe and the rocks are cleared.

Signs were installed letting residents know of the closure, said Sailland. He noted the road is a secondary route and there are no houses in the area so the closure is a minor inconvenience.

“Of all the spots for this to occur we lucked out because really, no one was impacted,” said Sailland.

“The piece of rock is large enough where our standard piece of equipment isn’t capable of moving the debris.”

He described the largest chunk of rock comparable to a small compact vehicle.

It is too early to say when the road will reopen but Sailland said it will happen as soon as safely possible. Impacted residents are encouraged to check the village website, Facebook page or the village’s email updates for more information on the opening of the road.

Pique will update once the road reopens.