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Pemberton looking for ice time


Volunteers seek support for community rink

WHAT: Pemberton ice rink fundraiser

WHERE: Pemberton Trail Steakhouse

WHEN: Tuesday, Jan. 28, 6:30 p.m.

The Village of Pemberton has almost everything a town could ask for – a first-class view, spectacular golf courses, lakes, rivers, mountain bike trails, abundant fields and nature on all sides.

The one thing that’s missing in the growing community is a sheet of ice to play on – a rural Canadian staple, and by all accounts a facility that is long overdue.

The Pemberton Agricultural Community Association (PACA), with the support of surrounding communities, has taken the first steps to building a rink for the area.

They have secured an area across from the Pony Espresso, and volunteers are currently involved in site planning, construction of a warming hut, and assembly of boards to contain a full-lit, multifunctional ice surface and recreation area.

While there are no shortage of volunteers for the project, they need money to do it right. This winter they should be able to flood the area if it stays cold enough.

Next season they would like to have an outdoor artificial ice surface that is less dependent on the weather, enabling the ice to go in earlier and last until the end of winter. A boarded area could also be used for hockey, figure skating and recreation.

If the site can be successfully managed and the fundraising is there, PACA hopes to build an enclosed rink in the near future.

To help fund the transition from flooded rink to artificial ice to enclosed arena, PACA is offering eight-foot spaces for ads along the boards, which would likely be rented out in two-year slots.

To help kick-start the funding for the project, the Pemberton Trail Steakhouse is hosting a buffet dinner, fundraiser and silent auction on Tuesday, Jan. 28, starting at 6:30 p.m. A ticket to the buffet event is $25, with $10 going towards the rink.

Anyone who wishes to help with the marketing and advertising at the rink should let the volunteers at the fundraiser event know.

Anyone who wishes to donate prizes for the silent auction should contact Lori Gobert at Paperworks, 604-894-5988.

If you wish to help with the operation and maintenance of the rink, contact Sandy Ryan at 604-932-7822.