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Pemberton grows, Whistler shrinks

Pemberton fastest-growing community in B.C.



Pemberton is once again the fastest growing community in B.C.

According to statistics released earlier this month by the provincial government, Pemberton experienced a population increase of 13.9 per cent between 2004 and 2005. The population of the village is now estimated to be 2,510 up from 2,203, a difference of 307 people.

However, the ranking may be disputable as the Vancouver Island community of Qualicum Beach swelled by 19 per cent during the same timeframe. An additional 1,404 came to call Qualicum Beach during the year. But much of the population explosion in the seaside town can be explained as the result of a boundary expansion. Qualicum Beach now boasts a population of 8,807.

While Pemberton reflected substantial growth, Whistler lost a few of its residents, reflected in a decline in population of .0.3 per cent. In numbers, Whistler dropped from 9,809 to 9,775 folks. For those of you who do not care to do the math, that’s a mere 34 people who have moved on.

Pemberton was first distinguished as B.C.’s fastest growing community in 1997.