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Pemberton Farmer’s Institute sponsors Farm Tour

On Sunday, June 27, the Pemberton Farmer’s Institute will sponsor a "Farm Tour" in the Pemberton Valley.


The purpose of the tour is to allow local residents to become more familiar with Pemberton’s agricultural industry. The Pemberton Farmer’s Institute believes informing local residents about what farmers do and why will improve the working relationship between farmers and non-farmers in Pemberton.

The tour will provide a unique opportunity to visit several farms and learn about the crops being grown and the unique challenges facing farmers today.

Roxanna Kuurne, chair of the Pemberton Farmer’s Institute, will lead the tour, while individual farmers will make a brief presentation at each farm.

The schedule includes stops McEwans’ Farm, Across the Creek Organics, Seed Potato Lab, and Hillaby Creek Farm.

Participants are asked to gather at the Pemberton Museum at 1 p.m. They will be expected to follow along in their own vehicle as the tour proceeds up the valley.

The afternoon will conclude with a barbecue at Hillaby Creek Farm, hosted by the Farmer’s Institute and Black’s.

Tickets must be purchased in advance from Paperworks, Home Hardware or the North Shore Credit Union. Prices are $5 per person. Children under 12 may participate for free.

For further information, contact Roxy Kuurne at 604-894-6359 or Allen McEwan at 604-894-6063.