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Pemberton Community Garden plots still available



By Cindy Filipenko

A lack of dirt needn’t be a deterrent to growing your own vegetables in Pemberton.

About a dozen of the Pemberton Community Garden’s (PCG) 40 plots are still available. The garden, which was established last year, provides an opportunity for condominium and townhouse dwellers to grow their own produce in an organic environment.

Dedicated gardeners seeking a secondary plot will have to wait until June 15, to ensure that everyone will have an opportunity to get involved in the project.

Prospective gardeners can register for the garden plots at Solstice Organics. The fee is $50 and comes with the added bonus of giant pumpkin seeds and growing instructions.

“I followed the instructions and have seven of the eight plants up in only five days,” said Mayor Jordan Sturdy, who also sits on the board of the PCG.

The pumpkins generated from those seeds are indeed enormous and several will undoubtedly be entered into a Thanksgiving pumpkin contest held in conjunction with the Pemberton Farmers Institute.

The seeds come from the award-winning pumpkins grown by Chad and Nikki Gilmore.

“Last year Chad grew one that was 550 lbs, the year before I think it was 586 lbs, this year he’s hoping for a heavier one,” confirmed Nikki Gilmore.

Competition this year may prove stiff.

“At least 35 people bought the seeds and instructions at the plant sale,” said Councillor Jennie Helmer.

The pumpkin seeds will continue to be sold independently of the garden plots at Solstice Organics.