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Pemberton BMX thinking big

Hosting open house and AGM on Saturday to discuss future plans



Pemberton BMX is thinking big these days, and if all goes well the group will put shovels in the ground to create a new start hill for their track in the next few weeks — a hill they hope the community will use in the winter for a community jib park.

This Saturday, Pemberton BMX is hosting an Open House from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Community Centre, followed by its annual general meeting from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. PBMX is looking for feedback from the community on the club's vision for the future, as well as its plans for the upcoming winter.

At the core of the club's plan is its vision to use a grant from the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation to build a sanctioned track, growing the existing track opposite the Pemberton skatepark.

"About three-ish years ago, some people built a BMX track in Pemberton beside the skatepark, but unfortunately for us the driving force for that left town," said Jessica Turner, vice-president of PBMX. "Not a lot happened after that, so last spring we started to build the track, and it's been a community endeavor all summer. We managed to hold three races and a sold-out camp, and now we're able to move forward with a Whistler Blackcomb Foundation grant that will go towards getting sanctioning to host weekly races and hand out points so other tracks can participate (in races)."

Turner said the first BMX race in Pemberton attracted 25 riders, while the last of the three brought out 60 people, including kids as young as two on their run bikes.

Going forward, the PBMX is looking for a few additional board members to help maintain the track and run the club for the coming year.

The first priority after the meeting is to build a start hill for the expanded track that PBMX hopes to build, and to use that hill for skiers and snowboarders. The dual use is the result of a Village of Pemberton initiative that would fit both uses.

"We're racing the clock to get that hill built, but that's what our goal is for this winter," said Turner, who said Arena Snowparks would be building some features for the snow park.

"I have to say it's going to be pretty awesome once everything is going," said Turner. "We have the skatepark, we'll have BMX and the pump track. And it's quite something to see the races because kids in any age range can participate."

For more on the group, visit the Pemberton BMX Facebook page.