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Pemberton adopts four-pillar strategic plan

Economic development officer, affordable housing, airport key items for 2007


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Action items identified to support good governance include:

• Promoting open channels of communication;

• Developing a secondary well;

• Encouraging recycling and responsible waste management;

• Alternative sources of funding to meet the community’s infrastructure

needs will be explored;

• Community visioning; The Village will host an Imagine Pemberton workshop and an open house community mapping project.

In addition to identifying the four pillars and outlining action items for each, the strategic plan also provides performance measures for each category with clearly defined goals for 2007 and 2008.

Sturdy admits that the community of Pemberton is facing many challenges in the coming years. It is his hope that the newly adopted strategic plan will help guide the community on a positive course for the future.

For Sturdy, one of the key elements of the plan is the performance measure checklist.

“We are starting to work through the performance measures,” Sturdy said. “Some will move more quickly than others. It’s almost like a checklist of what we need to get done, within the context of our financial situation,” he said. “I don’t think anything we have listed is unachievable.”

Some of the key items for 2007 include the hiring of the economic development officer, moving forward with the creation of a strategic plan for the airport and the creation of an affordable housing strategy.

“We have a unique opportunity here,” Sturdy said. “We have a great community… we just have to manage it well.”

For more information about the Village of Pemberton Strategic Plan, visit municipal hall or .