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Pemberton adopts four-pillar strategic plan

Economic development officer, affordable housing, airport key items for 2007


By Patricia Westerholm

Pemberton has a plan for the future.

Now it’s up to council and staff to ensure that the plan is carried out.

Council voted Tuesday to adopt a strategic plan that outlines the community’s social, economic and environmental goals of the future.

The strategic plan has been in the works for several months. It was first presented to council last month and was approved in principle at that time. The plan was further reviewed and on June 5, was presented to the community at the Town Hall meeting.

Pemberton Mayor Jordan Sturdy says the adoption of the plan is a positive step forward for the community, but the key now is to ensure that the action items outlined in the plan are carried out.

“This has been in the works for several months,” Sturdy said, adding that the adoption of the plan is only the beginning of what can ultimately be a very positive process for Pemberton.

“I think this is the beginning… of some achievement. It’s very well to have a plan, but you need to put the plan in place.”

The strategic plan “aspires to set a stable course for Pemberton, balancing social, economic and environmental goals to ensure the Village maintains its unique character and enviable quality of life. It builds on current projects and achievements, and provides immediate, short and longer term actions.”

The plan centres on four pillars: social sustainability, economic sustainability, environmental sustainability and good governance. It outlines action items to achieve each goal in the upcoming years and performance measures to ensure that the work is done.

“This is a framework,” Sturdy said. “One of the biggest benefits of the plan is that it gives staff the opportunity to understand what council wants to achieve.”

In the plan, Social Sustainability is identified as “the striving to create a strong and vibrant community, recognizing the importance and benefits Pemberton derives from an engaged healthy citizenry. Residents take pleasure in a quality of life, supported by walkability, community gathering spaces, and access to trails and recreation. Citizens are engaged and empowered — enjoying volunteering opportunities, involvement in community groups, and municipal support for community-driven initiatives. Elders are valued, and the community strives to support a multi-generational and healthy mix of families, singles, and seniors.”

The actions identified to support social sustainability include:

• Enhancing Pemberton’s walkability, through stroller-friendly sidewalks, bike lanes, trails plans, and handicapped accessibility;

• Supporting affordable housing through the development of an affordable housing policy that will ensure a diverse range of options while also providing developer incentives to value resident affordability;