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Pemberton academy moving forward

Ski, snowboard and bike academy debuts in FebruaryBy Dan Falloon


It took a little longer than Daryl Treadway hoped to get approval for the Sea to Sky Ski, Snowboard and Bike Academy.

But when the Sea to Sky School District gave him the go-ahead at its Sept. 16 meeting, Treadway made a point of hitting the ground running.

Now Treadway is getting the logistics for his Pemberton Secondary School-based academy for students in Grades 11 and 12 settled, and is looking for students to fill up the roster.

Though there is room for 24 students, some of those who expressed interest before have backed out for a variety of reasons. Treadway said he has a committed base of 12 and needs to reach 16 to make the program, which starts Feb. 1, viable. However, he said the program seemed to have lost some momentum from when it was first announced.

"We're trying to wrangle the people who signed up for it last spring to fully commit to it," he said. "But it's looking pretty good for second semester."

The academy offers an even split of ski or snowboard training in the winter and cycling instruction in the spring. Treadway anticipates the numbers will get to a sustainable level.

"I think it'll work itself out and move on. There are some international students that are interested in it," he said.

Because students have already started their first semester of classes, Treadway had to amend the program to optimize students' timetables. He hopes to offer the original full slate in future years.

"It's now two courses instead of a full four courses," he said. "Originally, I was offering English, but English was offered first semester so it would be redundant to offer that. Now it's a PE (physical education) credit, an elective credit, which is ski, snowboard, bike, and then take an online course to give more flexibility and enroll in an academic course."

Students will also receive ski/snowboard instructor Level 1 certification and Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 certification through the program.

Treadway said a wide variety of guest presenters have expressed interest in helping to boost the students' education, including former freestyle skiers Mark Abma and Kristi Richards of Solfeggio restaurant, Mitch Sulkers from Avalanche Canada and local bike mechanics.

Registration for the academy is $1,650 (including a $300 staffing offset fee) though Treadway is looking to add bursaries for those who may struggle to come up with the full amount. Anyone who wants to make a charitable donation to the academy can contact Treadway through Pemberton Secondary School at 604-894-6318. Donations are eligible for a tax receipt.

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