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pedophile id

The Attorney General’s office has identified James Donald Russell as the convicted pedophile residing in Whistler. Last week staff at Whistler Secondary and Myrtle Philip elementary schools, along with the Whistler detachment of the RCMP, took steps to warn students and parents of a convicted pedophile now out on probation. RCMP said there is a risk of the 35-year-old man re-offending. On Monday the Corrections Branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General, in consultation with the RCMP, issued a public notification of Russell. He is described as approximately 180 cm tall and weighs approximately 68 kilos (5’11 and 150 lbs), with brown eyes and brown hair. A statement from the Corrections Branch stated Russell "is considered a high risk to re-offend. He may seek out contact with young boys to establish an offending relationship." Russell’s record includes prior convictions for sexual offences against boys. His conditions of probation include no activity or contact with people under the age of 14, he is not to come within 25 metres of a public park, school ground, daycare, public swimming area, pool hall, arcade, playground, community centre or any other area where children under 14 may reasonably be expected to be present. RCMP said last week Russell has resided in Whistler for approximately a month. His activities have been monitored by the RCMP. "The minute he arrived we started an application to release the fact he was in town and make his name public," RCMP community police officer Warren Tomalty said. Russell has apparently indicated to the RCMP he would leave town if he is publicly identified. As of Monday RCMP said he was still in Whistler.