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pedestrian death

By Amy Fendley One woman died and two people were injured after they were struck by a car while walking on a Northlands Boulevard sidewalk Sunday evening. Sharon Waddell, her husband Bernard Mottet and two friends were hit by a black Ford Mustang, at approximately 9:45 p.m., Sept. 27, after the vehicle sped around a corner and jumped the sidewalk where they walking. Waddell, 53, died of her injuries at the Whistler Medical Clinic early Monday morning. The three other pedestrians walking with Waddell were treated for their injuries. The four were returning to their condo after celebrating Waddell’s 53rd birthday at a local restaurant. Waddell was the director of judicial administration of the provincial court office of Chief Judge Robert Metzger in Vancouver. The driver of the car, an 18 year-old female resident of Squamish, sustained minor injuries but did not require medical attention. Const. Warren Tomalty says a traffic analyst was immediately on the scene and is still investigating the cause of the accident. RCMP are recommending multiple criminal code charges to the Crown Attorney, including the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death. Tomalty says there are still witnesses to be interviewed, and that they "are investigating every avenue, so as to not misinterpret such a major case."