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A worker at the store told me that the bin is emptied at closing every night and no bag is put in, hopefully to discourage use of the bin. Never-the-less people bring their garbage while the store is closed.

While we can certainly point our fingers at the people using these bins instead of the compactor sites as irresponsible and who knows, perhaps ignorant of the alternatives or consequences, ultimately we have a garbage disposal system that doesn’t work for everyone. If the 2020 RMOW vision is to get people out of cars and to get rid of cars altogether, there needs to be a garbage disposal system that is easy to use and “bear-proof” that can be accessed by residents whether they have a car or not. Otherwise the vision is not 2020 and needs some glasses.

Cathy Jewett



A degree of relief

Re: RMOW ‘extremely disappointed’ by province’s tax solution (Pique news, April 6)

I have several comments to make about this article. First, I am pleased that a degree of relief has finally been offered to the condo owners who have been overtaxed for the last 15 years.

Mr. Barratt comments that condo owners “are able to rent their units and potentially make a profit”. Excuse me, but who was it that mandated that the units be available for rent? None other than the RMOW. Most condo owners have no choice but to make their units available for rent because of the municipality’s own Phase II Covenant, which limits use by owners.

I am glad he used the words “potentially make a profit”.   There have been many lean years when there has been no profit at all. For the last five years, some condo owners have not received enough revenue to pay the taxes, never mind earn a return on their investment.

Mr. Barratt seems to question the fact that the condo owners have an expectation of making that profit. Perhaps he puts his own money into investments without the hope of making a profit, but I can tell him that that is not common practice. Of course investors want to make a decent return on their investments and now they can hope do so without being concerned that all of their revenue will be eaten up in taxes.