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Patience urged through September’s village road repairs


Village businesses and travellers are urged to have some patience in the face of upcoming roadwork around Gateway Drive.

A $90,000 municipal roads project will be undertaken from Sept. 1 to 25 and will impact the flow of traffic in the taxi loop, bus loop and surrounding area, which includes the Whistler Visitor Centre.

Work includes repaving the fractured road, redoing the traffic light sensors and removing a small island in the area, which is in the middle of a crosswalk.

Ron Sander, manager of operations for the Resort Municipality of Whistler, is quick to point out that this is not an Olympic-related project, like the much-ballyhooed removal of the Blackcomb Way median earlier this summer. It is, rather, part of the municipality's annual planned road works.

"The reason that we're really making a little bit of noise about this is nothing to do with the Olympics," he said. "It's really to do with just letting everybody know... and asking for everybody's co-operation."

Businesses in the area have been made aware there will be impacts and disruption, said Sander.

He added: "Be aware that we're going to move through it as quickly as we can and we're going to try to minimize the impact as best as we can."