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pass prices

The price of an adult, single day lift ticket has crossed the $50 mark for the first time this year — $52 plus GST — but an early bird adult unlimited dual mountain pass has gone up less than 3 per cent from last year’s price, to $1,089. Season passes go on sale at the early bird rate this weekend. After Sept. 30 the prices go up. Blackcomb is offering lower early bird rates than Whistler Mountain on all its passes — $895 for an unlimited adult pass, compared to $979 — but after Sept. 30 Whistler’s prices are slightly better on youth and children’s passes while Blackcomb offers a cheaper rate for seniors passes. An adult unlimited pass after Sept. 30 is the same price on both mountains: $1,069. Whistler Mountain’s Creekside Pass, which doesn’t allow access via Whistler Mountain’s Village Gondola until after 11 a.m., is $939 this year. A senior’s dual mountain pass is $519 at the early bird rate, $619 as of October. Dual mountain youth passes are $569, going up to $712 after Sept. 30. A dual mountain adult unlimited pass goes from $1,089 to $1,325 in October. A single mountain adult day ticket has gone from $49 last year to $52 this year. Just three seasons ago the same ticket was $42. However, with ski cards, discounts on multi-day passes and discount coupons for day tickets available from various retail outlets, few people pay the full day ticket price any more.

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