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WHAT: ARTdrenaline

WHERE: MY Millennium Place

WHEN: Dec. 16 & 17

What happens when you put two creative minds, Angie Nolan and Katie Schaitel, together and give them a second to breathe between filming a B-Grade Horror Film Festival entry, performing in Short Skirt Theatre’s production of Captain Hook’s Revenge and helping co-ordinate the Whistler Film Festival?

No, not a nervous breakdown, but instead the idea to produce a show that incorporates all of their favourite art mediums into two entertainment-packed evenings, rather than having to get their fix in individual productions.

"If we didn’t embrace all the arts together, we might be like the rest of Whistler’s art shows and events, in this way we fill a niche," Schaitel said. "And when your niche has been filled properly, and it feels right, usually something successful follows."

Success is on the arts-xtravaganza playbill along with dance, writing, acting, photography, music and fine arts showcased in ARTdrenaline Friday, Dec. 16 and Saturday, Dec. 17 at 8 p.m. at MY Millennium Place.

Audiences get in on the action by picking their Best of Show favourites, leading to an awards party Saturday night at the Garibaldi Lift Company (GLC) for even more celebration.

This year’s show centres on the theme of fearlessness, an essential component of the Whistler experience, either on or off the mountains.

"There is so much that draws people here as far as beauty, adrenaline and the environment, but a whole different element keeps you here," Nolan said. "There are so many times you are forced to be fearless in order to survive, or at least last."

From monologues opening on the African planes to the fearlessness Whistler pioneer Myrtle Philip radiated, local actors will share different takes on fear.

The performance includes four monologues written by Joanne Engelsdorp, Cindy Filipenko, Stepphie Halstead and Malcom Yates and performed by Ken Gifford, Lauren Ritz, Heather Paul and Chris Quinlan – no cross dressing this time, Quinlan promises, although one of the monologues is about a transsexual.

Short films will also be showcased, including films from seasoned pros such as Whistler Cable 6’s Xandra Grayson and Jamey Kramer as well as newcomers Tyler Harris and Shawn "Smiley" Nesbitt.

Dancers will add to the mix with three Metallica dance pieces performed by Schaitel, Genevieve Girard, Jen Murr, Sara Domijan, Stepphie Halstead and Tara Bowland with help from Krista Hoffs of Soul Funktion Dance Studio.

The White Lightening Boy Band Burlesque Show will strip back fears in a guest appearance along with a multi-media performance from Kristen McGaughey, Andy Dittrich, Kevin Hardiman, Joern Rohde and Nicole Fitzgerald.

Creativity spills off the stage and into the theatre’s foyer with fearless images from photographers Chris Christie, Al Crawford, John Husan, Greg Eydmunson and Andrew Bradley.

While many of the photos portray the fearlessness needed in adventure sports, fine artists move towards more of an introspective approach to the theme in various paintings by Vanessa Stark, Olivier Roy, Mr. Engelsdorp, Liz Thompson, Tara Bowland and Erin Sharp.

So what can audiences expect from the evening?

"A rollercoaster ride that passes through different tunnels enamored with fearlessness," Schaitel said.

"In the beginning, their hearts are going to be pumping then laughter, tears and most of all fun," Nolan said. "We want it to be really fun. It’s an arts party. A really big one."

Tickets are $20 for adults and $16 for students and seniors. Call 604-935-8410 for tickets.

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