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Parties get ready for federal election

Conservatives chose Weston in anticipation of confidence vote



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Weston, the winner of the nomination, was considered a frontrunner from the beginning. In the field of politics, Weston was a secretary for the Vancouver South riding under former MP John Fraser, as well as a legal advisor to John Reynolds. Professionally, Weston is a graduate of Harvard and Osgood law schools, and speaks three languages – English, French and Mandarin Chinese, after spending 10 years in business and law in Taiwan.

He also exemplifies the outdoor spirit of the region as an avid runner and cyclist, and is a father of three.

"It’s been wonderful," said Weston of his successful campaign. "I’m getting cascades of phone calls and e-mails, and I think it bodes well for the… riding. There’s a sense of communities coming together."

Weston is ready to start campaigning immediately if an election is called, and has been busy getting to know party members and local governments throughout the riding, and getting to know the issues.

He is in favour of reducing federal gas taxes, giving provinces and communities more room to leverage their own gas taxes without hurting consumers.

He is also in favour of creating tax incentives and funding programs for all levels of amateur sports. The Olympics are also key to this riding.

"From what I’ve seen there are tremendous opportunities for the Olympics to promote our riding on the international stage as a place where people can do business and invest," said Weston.

Other issues of concern are housing, education and crime, which he says he will have some power to address in the federal government, as well as by supporting provincial and municipal governments.

He also believes the decision of Stronach to defect to the Liberal Party will hurt all parties.

"I was disgusted by what happened this morning – not just for Belinda, but for all Canadians. It only brings down the level of politics in the eyes of Canadians as far as the ability to follow through on commitments," Weston said. "Having been in a room with hundreds of Conservative supporters on Sunday, I could only imagine how betrayed those people would feel if I did something as treacherous as Belinda Stronach.

"Paul Martin did himself and the Liberals a huge disservice by currying favour with an opposition leader… promising her whatever he did to encourage her… and it affects all Canadians. It’s all about public service and trust, and she damaged that."