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Park rails stolen


Other park features now on hold

A pair of rails was stolen last week from Whistler-Blackcomb that were intended for the beginner Chipmunk Park on Whistler Mountain.

The missing rails were new, and featured eight inch flat bar tops. Whistler-Blackcomb believes that thieves picked these two rails because they were the easiest to lift and transport.

"It’s too bad because this affects construction of future rails and jibs," said Stu Osborne, Whistler-Blackcomb Terrain Park supervisor. "The culprits who stole the rails have stolen from the whole jib community and have now jeopardized construction of feature rails we wanted to build."

The time spent replacing the two missing rails will come at the cost of building a new stunt for the advanced park. The $800 cost to rebuild the rails will delay the construction of a wall ride, which was next on the construction list.

The RCMP has been notified, but if the rails are returned by Nov. 2 no charges will be laid.

"Return the two missing eight inch flat bar rails to where they were taken from by Sunday night (Nov. 2), no questions asked, no charges laid," Osborne said. "We have already caught one group of riders who stole another jibbing feature from the mountain, and the rail was returned without incident."

If the rails are not returned before Nov. 3, Whistler-Blackcomb will consider this a theft and press charges if the rails are discovered.