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Paratada partners with e-commerce leader


Whistler-based Paradata System is partnering with Miva Corporation, a leading provider of e-commerce platforms for small- to mid-sized businesses, according to an Aug. 2 release.

Miva will incorporate Paradata’s online payment service software into its Merchant 4.0 instant storefront to offer vendors a complete online solution.

"We are excited to have Miva as a partner," said Maureen Daschuk, Paradata’s vice president of corporate strategy. "Miva has a high quality product that is easy to use, and they have a great market share in the small to mid-size business market. Paradata is focused on reducing the time spent between creating a new merchant account and processing that merchant’s first transaction."

Merchant 4.0 allows vendors to build an e-commerce presence from the ground up, with account and catalogue management, merchandising, order fulfillment and various reporting tools. The new version includes inventory tracking, store statistics, and other sophisticated tools to simplify the creation of an online store.

User friendly, Merchant 4.0 also allows vendors to set up their online stores faster and more cost-effectively.

Miva Merchant 4.0 can be bought in the store and configured separately, or can be offered by financial organizations as a solution for their small and medium-sized clients.