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Paralympics are Canada’s best ever

Woolstencroft wins five gold medals, McKeevers three



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The weather was slightly better the next day for the standing categories. Woolstencroft finished two runs with a seven second gap over Germany's Andrea Rothfuss. Petra Smarzova of the Slovakian team picked up the bronze. Wisniewska placed fourth, Arly Fogarty 11 th and Melanie Schwartz 12 th .

No Canadians took  part in the men's sitting category.

The standing men struggled with Jeff Dickson 18 th , Morgan Perrin 21 st and Kirk Schornstein 25 th .

That set up Thursday's downhill, which took place under sunny skies with near-perfect racing conditions.

Still, it was a tough day for many racers. Whistler's Sam Danniels went off course and crashed through the safety netting - a disappointing finish after leading the pack in the only training run held eight days earlier. It was par for the course, as 13 of the 28 racers crashed, 11 of them were not able to finish the event.

Josh Dueck, who won on the Franz's Run course last year, placed a solid fifth, but was disappointed that he didn't take a few more risks.

"It was pretty gnarly, so a tip of my hat to the guys that challenged the hill today and got onto the podium," he said. "The tough part is we haven't skied this course in a week and it was a challenge to trust the snow. That's where I came up a bit short. I wasn't willing to trust the conditions to really push it.

"Truthfully I've only been doing this for a couple of years, so at the end of the day I have to be happy where I'm at and take today and learn from it."

Matt Hallat, who lives in Squamish, was the top Canadian in the men's standing race, placing 11 th . While he hoped for more, all of the crashes on course earlier in the day resulted in huge delays. He didn't ski until 3:20 in the afternoon after uploading at 11 a.m.

Still, Hallat took the result as a sign that he is moving up the ranks in a very difficult and competitive category.

"I feel I'm making progress," he said. "In Torino my best finish was 31 st and I finished (11 th ) today. I finished ranked seventh overall in the World Cup in slalom (despite missing the final event), and I'm a seed now in downhill. It's that last step that's killing me, from finishing seventh to 10 th to first to fifth."

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