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Lower Mainland investors bought all 121 suites in Intrawest’s Pan Pacific Hotel in just 90 minutes last week. The suites, which ranged from $180,000 to $429,000, attracted nearly 500 investors to Vancouver’s Pan Pacific Hotel. Intrawest will begin construction of the $32 million hotel on Lot 45, the parking lot next to the Excalibur gondola, this spring. Pan Pacific will operate the eight-storey hotel, which is expected to open in December 1997. A second phase of development will eventually include a building to enclose Blackcomb’s Excalibur gondola, house ticket offices, guest services and other facilities. Construction of the gondola building could begin next summer or in 1998. The building’s impact on pedestrian and vehicle traffic is a concern to municipal staff and some councillors. Director of Public Works John Nelson raised several traffic issues when the proposal was brought to council last month, including the flow of pedestrian traffic from the day skier lots to the two gondolas, pedestrian drop off points in the area and trucks making deliveries to the new hotel. "Pedestrian and vehicle movement is going to be changed significantly with this project," Nelson told council. "Access to the village from this point is critical." With pedestrian traffic from the day skier lots having to go around the new hotel in order to reach either gondola, Intrawest has proposed a wide set of stairs to bring day skiers and pedestrians down from the berm between Blackcomb Way and the Excalibur.

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