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Painting lakeside

Artist Alan Wylie draws on lakeside views for composition class



By Nicole Fitzgerald

The days of hiking up a mountain for the perfect sunset or wandering into a meadow to find an inspirational scene are becoming more of a rarity for professional artist Alan Wylie.

Like any job, production pushes creativity indoors into a working studio.

So when Wylie was invited to teach painting on the scenic waterfront of Alta Lake as part of the Whistler Art Workshops on the Lake program, hosted by the Whistler Arts Council for the second year running, he couldn't say no.

"Before I became a professional painter, I used to paint on location all the time," Wylie said. "It's nice to get out of the studio."

The art workshop program gets students out of the studio and into the heart of nature, with no shortage of inspiration on the workshop site. Classes take place at the Chaplinville House located on Alta Lake with 360-degree lake and mountain vistas for June, July and August.

Last year Wylie taught advanced acrylic and oil painting workshops. However, this year, he focuses on drawing and composition July 3 to 5. No stickmen allowed; students will learn how to translate what they see into a comprehensive composition.

Wylie's class is only one of many in the three-month long Whistler Art Workshops on the Lake.

Jack Reid teaches How to Watercolour Paint Snow, Water and Skies with a Limited Palette June 1-3; Janice Robertson teaches Beginner Acrylics July 6-8; Sharon Jensen teaches Beginner Watercolour July 13-15; and Jennifer Angus teaches Oil Painting for Beginners July 27-29.

Workshops on intermediate watercolour, drawing for all levels and intermediate acrylics are also hosted throughout August.

Early bird prices are available for most workshops. Students can save up to $30 by registering before June 1.

For more information, visit whistlerartscouncil.org.