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PAC re-considering read-a-thons


Chair of the Howe Sound school board, Amy Shoup, will be speaking at the next Myrtle Philip parent advisory council meeting, to be held Tuesday, Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. at the school.

Parents will have an opportunity to ask questions about the school district and the school.

The Myrtle Philip parent advisory council has been asking its elected representative to get more involved in the monthly meetings and issues affecting the school. Shoup is a Squamish school trustee.

The PAC will also consider read-a-thon philosophy in view of information that was presented at last month’s PAC gathering.

The Whistler Public Library and the Myrtle Philip school library are planning a joint read-a-thon for January to promote leisure reading and to raise funds for both libraries to purchase new books.

At the last PAC meeting however, parent Lori Edwards made a presentation suggesting another "fund-raising" idea for the school. Her concept is similar to the read-a-thon where children collect sponsors for reading and the money generated goes directly to buy Discovery toys for the school. Edwards, as a Discovery representative, would also receive a commission.

Some parents felt the PAC should set some policy on this type of fund-raiser.