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Ore Crusher puts riders through their paces

Martin Lazarski tops race


While the Ore Crusher appears to be an easy race on paper — a 6 km loop in the Cheekeye Fan area with just 300 feet of climbing per lap — it’s a deceptively difficult race with long false flats, root-y singletrack, and no real downhill sections where riders can rest.

Marty Lazarski posted the top time on the 36 km pro course Saturday, despite losing his chain in the first singletrack section. He chased hard to catch the lead group and by the second lap he was back in front. He completed the course in a time of one hour, 37 minutes and 19 seconds, averaging 22.2 km/h from start to finish.

By way of comparison, Lazarski finished second in the 67 km Test of Metal last year in 2:35:57 (one of two riders to break the record) for a pace of 25.8 km/h — about 3.5 km/h faster than the supposedly easier Ore Crusher course.

Squamish’s Dwayne Kress placed second in 1:38:26, followed by Kevin Calhoun in 1:38:52.

There were just three women in the Elite category. Ann Yew of Team Whistler placed first in 2:00:11, followed by teammate Linda Robichaud in 2:10:38. Karen Trueman of Victoria was third in 2:12:47.

Team Squamish factored heavily in the junior categories, with Maia Kilby doing two laps in female 14 to 15 in 45:03.61.

In female 16 to 17 Lauren Rosser of Team Squamish made three laps in 1:03:45, followed by Jocelyn Ramsden in 1:21:40 and Jocelyn Poirer-Hardy in 1:35:11.

In female 18 to 19 Kristin Von Bibber of Squamish finished four laps in 1:33:51, followed by Eden Imbeau of Team Squamish and Jenny Strong of North Vancouver.

In male 12 to 13 Mahon Lamont and Jack Iles of Whistler placed first and second with times of 42:56 and 47:07 respectively. Mason Moberg of Squamish was third in 58:58.

Quinn Moberg won the male 15 to 17 race in 34:50, followed by Owen Scully of Team Squamish in 35:14. Sam Morris of West Vancouver was third in 36:14.

In male 18 to 19 Paul Sales of Vancouver was first with four laps in 1:19:14, followed by Tom Rattray in 1:45:18.

Getting into the adult age categories, Squamish adventure racer Jen Segger won the 20 to 29 category with five laps in 1:48:06. Jeanine Ball of Vancouver was second in 2:05:07, followed by Catherine Gendron of Squamish in 2:09:40.

On the men’s side David Huntley of Duncan was first in 1:30:20, followed by Matt Law of White Rock in1:53:52 and Jonathan Aubry of Squamish in 1:44:10.