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Opponents of park rezoning get second chance

Second public hearing scheduled for Lakeside Park rezoning



Opponents and supporters of the Lakeside Park rezoning will get a second chance to speak their minds to council.

The municipality has decided to hold another public hearing on the Lakeside Park rezoning in Alta Vista.

The decision was made after Lawrence Keith, who has been opposed to the rezoning, attempted to hand in a petition to municipal hall after the first public hearing had closed on March 7. He was not aware that council cannot receive any written or verbal representations from members of the public once a public hearing has closed.

Keith had collected a petition with roughly 150 signatures on it from people opposed to the rezoning.

The rezoning as proposed would consolidate two lots at Lakeside Park, namely the park itself and the residential lot beside it, which the municipality owns. The municipality would then rezone the land to LP1 (leisure park one).

This concerns some residents in the area primarily because they are worried that a small neighbourhood park will be turned into a destination park, much like Rainbow Park or Wayside Park.

This will increase traffic in the neighbourhood and may create conflicts between the residents and the commercial operators.

The second public hearing has been scheduled for Monday, April 18 at 7 p.m. prior to the regular council meeting.

Keith plans to attend the second public hearing and once again voice his objection to the rezoning.

Nine residents spoke against the rezoning at the first hearing.

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