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Online learning centre at the library


Do you need to upgrade your computer skills but don’t have time to attend a course? The Whistler Public Library, in partnership with Serebra Learning Corporation, offers access to courses in Information Technology, PC End User, Professional Development and Certification packages. A percentage of all sales goes to the Library.

Technology based training allows you to learn anything, anytime, anywhere in a way that is more cost-effective, efficient, and enjoyable than traditional instructor led training. All courseware has met stringent " target="_blank"Best of Class" approval standard. All of the courses on the Serebra Learning Corporation site must meet the following standards:

• Highly interactive

• Pre-evaluations — learn only what you need to learn

• Testing throughout — ensure you are learning

• Post-testing — ensure you have learned the topics covered

• Simulations — to ensure you can do it

Courses can be purchased in 3 month to 6 months packages for Web access or in CD-Rom format. Prices range from $20-$60 for Web access and average $99 for CD-Roms. Click on "Evaluate a Course" for free samples.

Course topics include Basic Networking, JavaScript Fundamentals, MS Excel, Flash 4.0, XML Programming and more. Professional Development courses cover topics such as Project Management, Rising to the Customer Challenge, Balancing Stress, Communicating Clearly, and more.

To check out the courses, go to the Whistler Public Library website at and click on Online Learning Centre.