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olypmic bid

The City of Richmond has formally endorsed the Vancouver-Whistler bid for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Richmond City Council adopted a formal resolution last month endorsing, in principle, the 2010 Bid Society’s endeavours to host the Games. The transportation legacy of a successful bid for the Games will include a rapid transit link between Richmond and downtown Vancouver. Richmond Mayor Greg Halsey-Brandt said in a release, "The Games will provide a rich legacy for Richmond and other Lower Mainland communities, resulting in the development of infrastructure and utilization of existing facilities. Richmond is currently undergoing a building boom in hotel construction, which will effectively double the number of hotel rooms by the year 2000." The 2010 Bid Society will submit its formal proposal to host the Games to the Canadian Olympic Association on Oct. 15. Calgary and Quebec City are also competing for the COA endorsement, which will be announced on Nov. 21. The International Olympic Committee will award the 2010 Winter Olympics in 2003.