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Olympic sign returned after camera found



Using a camera left at the scene the Whistler RCMP tracked down a 20-year-old Whistler female who stole the brushed metal sign from the inukshuk at the corner of Village Gate and Northlands Boulevard.

The sign was discovered missing by municipal staff on Aug. 25, and reported to the RCMP on Aug. 29.

According to Staff Sergeant Steve LeClair, the suspect's camera contained several photos including one taken outside of a residence. The RCMP used a licence plate in the photo to find the housing complex, then showed other photos from the camera to someone who lived in the area. One of the neighbours recognized the camera's owner.

When the RCMP confronted the suspect on Sept. 3 she admitted to taking the sign one night, which was valued at $2,300. She had her friends dispose of the sign, which she told police was giving her "bad karma." The sign was recovered near Myrtle Philip school. It was covered in graffiti, including the words "I stole this," but municipal staff said they could remove the markings and restore the sign to its rightful place.

Given her lack of criminal record, remorse and assistance in retrieving the sign - as well as a letter expressing regret - the RCMP opted to charge her with a bylaw offence rather than a criminal one. For defacing park property she was fined $200.


Assault still under investigation

At 1:24 a.m. on Aug. 31 the RCMP received a report of an assault in front of a nightclub in the village. When they attended they found a young local male with a head injury and lost tooth. He was taken to the Whistler Health Care Centre by ambulance and later released.

According to the RCMP's investigation, the attacker was a friend of the victim and there was a girl involved in the dispute. The victim has so far declined to name the guilty person, but the RCMP are continuing to investigate the matter and will determine whether or not to lay charges with or without the consent of the victim - something the police do if they determine it's in the public interest.


Golf carts recovered after joyride

Sometime between 9 p.m. on Aug. 31 and 1 a.m. on Sept. 1, thieves broke into a golf cart storage in Whistler and took two vehicles. According to the police the thieves attempted to saw through the lock but broke out of the yard after driving one of the carts through the gate.

Two vehicles were recovered - one in the parking lot at Whistler Secondary School, and the other at the dog beach at Rainbow Park. One of the carts was damaged, likely the one used to push open the gates.