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It will be the spring of 2003 before the International Olympic Committee awards the 2010 Winter Olympics. Vancouver-Whistler is the first official entry, although there are rumblings Korea, perhaps Japan and several European cities which are now bidding for the 2006 Winter Games may seek the 2010 nomination. The COA has received assurances from the United States that it will not put forward a candidate city for 2010. However, Toronto’s bid for the 2008 Summer Olympics may be Vancouver-Whistler’s biggest competition. Many people have speculated that if Toronto is awarded the 2008 Games in 2001 the IOC would not give the 2010 Olympics to another Canadian city. All three Canadian candidates for the 2010 Games signed an agreement with the COA and the Toronto bid committee to work co-operatively. They will work together before they start lobbying IOC members, but Bruce MacMillan, executive director of the Vancouver-Whistler 2010 Bid Society, said that doesn’t mean Vancouver-Whistler has to remain silent until 2001. Meanwhile, now that the Vancouver-Whistler has been chosen as the Canadian bid city for 2010 the Vancouver-Whistler Bid Society will be disbanded and a new society, which will include the COA, will be created to carry the bid forward.