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Old Whistler band, new Whistler band

Slush reunites for release of eighth album, Black Collar Crowd plays fourth show



Who: Slush with Carpenter and Black Collar Crowd

What: The Punk Night

Where: Boot Pub

When: Sunday, July 31

Whistler’s most resilient DIY band is back this Sunday night with yet another pile of CDs to give away.

Punk band Slush dates back to 1992 when drummer Jamie Weatherbie and singer/songwriter and guitar player Adam Leggett started playing music together in the Northern Ontario town of New Liskeard.

Originally called the False Wooden Legs, the band recorded four independent albums between 1993 and 1997 : 15 Feet, Karl The Pornstar, Faces (deemed "the worst album we recorded" on the band’s website www.slushpunk.com) and Run Mr. Postman Run , which was never released.

In 1997, Slush was forced to take a break when most of the members moved to different parts of B.C. to snowboard. The following summer, when the prodigal band members returned, the band recorded their fifth album, Life’s Pretty Easy When You’re Fat & Greasy . But the reunion was short-lived, with the majority of the band members heading back west again when the snow started falling.

Over the next few years the Slush boys hooked up in Vancouver long enough to record a sixth album, Call The Neighbors The Boys Got Jobs , before splintering once again when two band members decided to spend some time learning to surf in Australia.

But a globe’s worth of ocean couldn’t melt Slush’s enthusiasm and in 2001 the band reunited in Whistler. Founders Weatherbie and Leggett weathered another series of lineup shuffles, which eventually resulted in the additions of Matt Elliot on guitar and vocals and Gavin McDermott on bass. The foursome recorded a seventh album, Global Incineration , in 2002 and celebrated their decade anniversary in 2003 with a 26-song compilation of re-mastered songs from the first seven albums called Ten Years Wasted , which they gave away free to everyone who came to the release party show.

In the past two years with members in and out of the country, the band has still managed to pull album number eight, Buried Inside , out of their sporadic basement jam sessions.

The album will be released at the band’s show at the Boot Pub this Sunday night, where they will perform as a three-piece, sans guitar player Elliot.

The new album shows a new side of Slush, Weatherbie said.

"Our first two-three albums we were just learning how to play. The last two before this we got into a more fast, technical style. This one is half melodic, slower punk and the rest is really fast.