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Of the Soul, for the people



De La Soul keep it fresh and from the heart at Zoophorus

Who: De La Soul with DJ Maseo

Where: Zoophorus and GLC

When: Saturday, Aug. 30

Could De La Soul be urban music’s version of Forrest Gump? They have, after all, been central to the fastest growing musical movement in Billboard history for the last 15 years – a little genre called hip hop, perhaps you’ve heard of it.

The New York native trio practically invented that funky, funny style of hip hop with a heart we’ve all grown to love. And forget six degrees of separation as per Kevin Bacon, De La Soul blows the actor out of the water when it comes to all the musical menage a trois they’ve been having.

Whether it’s B-real from rap masters Cypress Hill, long-time dance floor diva Chaka Khan, the Beastie Boys or even Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul have had their own hits as well as a hand in developing more of hip hop’s heavyweights than American Idol ever could.

Whether you’re an avid hip hop fan or merely a mild dabbler in "da club", you’d be hard pressed finding someone who hasn’t heard of De La Soul.

As one of hip-hop's most creative groups, they have defied the fast and fickle revolving door of musical trends by staying original, staying true to their roots and all the while, keeping it fresh.

When everybody else is looking at the next handsome hit maker or the big pimpin’ bad boy to sell records, De La Soul is looking in the opposite direction. It is that uniqueness, that versatility, that instinctive need to constantly learn and create, rather than follow the pack, that makes De La Soul who they are.

"We never cared about being No. 1 we just cared about making good records and doing the best we can to stay in the game of this very competitive market," said one-third of De La Soul, DJ Maseo (a.k.a Vincent Mason), on the phone from Florida, with four kids running about the house around him.

"You can never stop learning and the more you learn, the more you grow. We like to take what we learn to the people or extract it into our music because knowledge is power, education is the key," said Maseo.

Maseo, along with fellow MCs Posdnuos (a.k.a Kelvin Mercer) and Dave Jolicoeur, (formerly known as Trugoy) will lay down their favourite De La ditties next Saturday at the open air fundraising ’n hell raising Zoophorus festival.

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