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Nu-Mark on hip hop world

Jurassic 5 DJ talks about his musical roots, current projects and changes to turntablism



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While the craft has changed a lot over the years, this old school DJ is adapting, trading his records in for a computer.

“I love records, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that at any given time now when I show up to a gig, I have 8,000 songs ready to go.”

Nu-Mark says even the audiences have changed, especially since turntablism was pushed to the forefront in the ’90s and people became more interested in visual aspects of DJs performances.

“You always have people who really just want to dance, and you always get that set of people in the club that just want to stare at you,” Nu-Mark explained.

At Tuesday’s show, he says the crowd can expect to hear some funky, James Brown-inspired beats, classic hip hop, with some oddball stuff thrown in to keep it interesting.

“This show is just going to be me rocking records and just having a good time with the people and more of a dance thing — people drinking, having fun.”

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