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Nu-Mark on hip hop world

Jurassic 5 DJ talks about his musical roots, current projects and changes to turntablism



Who: DJ Nu-Mark

When: Tuesday, April 22, 9 p.m.

Where: Maxx Fish

Tickets: First 50 $10, after that, $15

In big hip hop crews, there’s at least one member who can get a bit lost in the shadows of boisterous emcees — the DJ.

But over the years, Mark Potsic, better known as DJ Nu-Mark of Jurassic 5, has found his way to the front of the stage, and has become well known and respected within the global hip hop community for his onstage antics and innovation at the decks. He’s always trying out new tricks on the turntables, whether it be attaching a rubber band to the needle and playing his turntable like an upright bass, tapping on the dust cover to create a bass drum, or incorporating rewired children’s toys into his sets.

He also likes to play around with his sound, experimenting with soul, funk and samba to create seamless, classic beats designed to get the crowd moving.

But aside from his extensive work with Jurassic 5, this DJ also has a lot of independent projects keeping him busy.

He recently released an instrumental album entitled Blend Crafters , and a mix-CD, Hands On , which is a collection of diverse sounds, featuring everything from samples of hip hop from around the world, to comedic skits. And now, he’s working on a new album, featuring Brazilian, afro-beat and classic hip hop tracks with emcee, deejay and producer, J-Live, as well as some performers, like Bumpy Knuckles and NY Oils, that he hasn’t worked with before.

“I’m just kind of following my heart,” Nu-Mark said. “I’m working with emcees I really like to work with and vocalists I really like to work with, and I’m working with all the people that I’m fans of, and that’s how I approach it.”

But he’s soon stepping away from his home studio in Los Angeles to take a quick touring break, and will be coming to Whistler to play his first solo show next week.

“It was one of those things where I kept kind of passing by it every time I was in Canada, so I figured that it was time to go there and make it happen,” he explained, adding that when he had a great time when he performed here with Jurassic 5.

“I like enthusiasm up there — they have the spirit,” he said with a laugh.

Audiences must be inspired by Nu-Mark’s personal passion for music.

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